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Looking for a true and tested female libido enhancement that actually works? Men have had access to Viagra and natural sexual enhancers for years now. Yet ironically a higher proportion of women than men report lack of sexual interest, arousal and satisfaction. And incidentally, it is women who have even more potential for increasing satisfaction and achieving multiple climaxes.

no female sex driveToo Tired or Not Into It?

Women today have so much going on and we tend to lead more stressful and extremely busy lives than ever. We are so occupied with juggling our careers, kids, school, mates, home responsibilities, social life, and so much more that it is so easy for us to get exhausted and have less time and energy for any sexual activity.

With all this going on we have little time for proper nutrition or let alone exercising. Add to the mix the dreaded hormonal changes like our monthly menstruation, post-pregnancy and menopausal hormonal changes, and hormonal changes that come from exposure to synthetic estrogens. All this leaves us feeling run down and less interested in sex. Having sex ends up being at the bottom of our priority list.

On top of this if you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, or even low self-esteem you can erase the notion of having a sex drive out of your mind.

With all the lack of interest, exhaustion, hormonal changes, and mood problems, having sex with your partner then becomes a chore you feel obligated to perform. But imagine if you could actually look forward to making love with your partner again instead of viewing it as that neglected chore. The solution is Provestra.

What Is Provestra?

No longer do we have to suffer the no/low sex drive curse. Why should we not enjoy all the benefits and more that our male counterparts have been enjoying since the beginning of time? Provestra is a 100% safe herbal, doctor-endorsed female libido enhancement that dramatically increases a woman’s sex drive.

Provestra has no unpleasant side effects, does not affect your birth control, and is safe if you’re trying to get pregnant.

female libido enhancementWhat Are The Benefits Of Using Provestra

Provestra increases your desire for sex and it:

  • Speeds up total body arousal
  • Deeply intensifies sexual sensations
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Gives you regular pleasurable orgasms
  • Adds passion back to your lovemaking

Bonus Benefits Of Using Provestra

Provestra doesn’t just stop at increasing your sex drive it also allows you to experience:

  • Fewer mood swings & less irritability
  • More regular periods – which are lighter with less painful cramping
  • A reduction in hot flashes
  • More energy
  • More intense, pleasurable muscle contractions with orgasms
  • Increased fertility- Excellent if you’re trying to get pregnant

… And much more!

In fact many women who have never had an orgasm before reported their first orgasm by using Provestra.

How Does It Work?

Provestra is a unique proprietary blend of high quality herbs, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs. These ingredients are proven to balance the hormones that interfere with you enjoying sex and provide nutrients to the female reproductive system. It is the ultimate female libido enhancement blend.

All you have to do is just take 1 pill a day!

The benefits are usually felt within 30 days, you’ll start to notice heightened sensations, more lubrication, and increase in overall sex drive.

female libido enhancement 1How Soon Can I See Results?

Many women have seen these results in just 7 days.

  • Noticeable increase in sex drive
  • Intense sensations in the genital area
  • Increased fantasies and anticipation of sex
  • Quicker and full body arousal
  • Faster and more vaginal lubrication

Our Testing Showed Better Than Expected Results

Our team at bettersexperformance.com was excited but at the same time skeptical about this product. There have not been many female sexual enhancement aids. The ones that were out there were sketchy at best. Now it appears that there are a few coming out of the wood works. Our team members were more than excited to put this one to the test, finally a 100% natural doctor approved female herbal Viagra counterpart.

Team members, wives, girlfriends, and friends were recruited and we were pleasantly amazed at the results. This has become a must have daily nutrient to some of us especially with all the other extras that comes with it. But be warned it does and will increase your sex drive dramatically. We back Provestra 200%. Just try it and see why. It does come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The purchase of Provestra also comes with a FREE One-Year Membership to their Women’s Sexual Health & Wellness Center. They give you info on how REAL women achieve and experience REAL orgasms. They have sex experts that gives you tasteful coaching on experiencing your first orgasm and more.


Isn’t it time you got your groove back? Finally, you’ll actually look forward to making love with your partner again — instead of viewing it as yet another neglected chore that you will eventually get to. Finally let your needs come first and electrify your sex life! Get better sex performance, better sexual health, better relationship with the #1 female libido enhancement that gets you in the mood again!


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