Penis Enlargement Pills FAQs

Here are the most commonly ask questions about Penis Enlargement Pills.

Does this pill really work?

I am sure that if our pills do not work we would definitely be out of business. The effectiveness of this product is best expressed by our many satisfied customers who have obtained excellent results.  Our customers are actually our best advertisement of our product. Out of tens of thousands of men all over the world, only less than 1 % of men have returned the product.

How does Penis Enlargement Pills work?

The penis is made up of spongy tissues called the Corpus Spongisum and Corpora Cavernosa. During the erection, this area fills with blood and expands. Our system stimulates these tissues and they expand and stretch to hold more blood when men get an erection.  This expansion stimulates a bigger penis, harder erections with more semen, increased sexual stamina and the ability to ejaculate at any time.

Should I just stay average size?

If you are happy with being average size which is 5 inches girth, 6.0 inches length then ok. You probably haven’t asked yourself the question what it would be like to be bigger than most men. If you’re not satisfied with just average, average sex, then our pills can help you.

Is penis size really that important?

Are you really satisfied with the size of your penis?  How about your sexual performance and confidence?  8 out of 10 women think that penis size really matters so it is much better to have a 7, 8, or 9 inch penis and to be well equipped for sexual performance than a 5, 6 inch penis size.

Do the Penis Enlargement Pills work regardless of penis size?

If you take the recommended dosage you will achieve better results. The penis enlargement pills work no matter whether you are 4 inches or 9 inches, no matter your age and race. Men with 5 inches penis have increased up to 7 inches and men with 8 inches penis have increased also.

At what maximum size do I stop increasing?

The average men usually gain 1 to 3 inches on our program. When they are satisfied with their achieved size they stop taking our capsules. It is reported that some women find a penis bigger than 8.5 inches uncomfortable during intercourse.  If you are still determined to go above this level, our pill will give your desirable size within a short time.

Are the results temporary?

No the results are permanent. Your penis will stay the size you got them to be.  When you get the size you want, then you can totally stop using the pills forever. There are men who have added over 3 inches to their size within a few short months.

Are the Penis Enlargement Pills safe?

Yes they are safe. They contain unique herbal ingredients which are 100 percent natural blended in order to have their unique successful formula. There are no side effects. Of course it is good a idea to consult your doctor before taking pills. Our Penis Enlargement Pills are # 1 on the market and their users give great comments about them because they work very well to get the job done.

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