Penis Pills – Erection Pills FAQs

Penis pills have been around for some years now. However they still remain a mystery to some.  People wonder how they work or what they are.  There are many concerns about their safety and which ones are the most effective.  It is advisable to do some homework and find out more details since not knowing can put your reproductive system at risk.

There are loads of male sexual enhancement pills around. So you must be careful choosing the right quality brand. In choosing such products the safest bet is an all natural since those ingredients have been used as sexual enhancers for ages.

Penis enhancement pills promises an enlarged penis, prevention of premature ejaculation, extended erections, strong sexual stamina, intense orgasms, and better sex drive. At least that’s what they all claim. However, VigRX Plus really stands up to their claim.

The job of a penis enhancement pill is to increase the penis size during intercourse. According to VigRX Plus, during a male’s arousal the formulation causes the erectile tissues to expand, which creates more space for blood flow.  The penis gets larger and firmer, as the volume of blood flow gets greater. This allows you to perform better during sex.

Beside sexual problems, medical experts say that some of the pill’s ingredients also treat other body irregularities.  For example, VigRX Plus’ ingredient Hawthorn Berry is scientifically proven to improve the flow of blood to some body parts especially the heart, it lessen the abnormality of heartbeats, strengthen blood vessels, decrease blood pressure, and minimize cholesterol.

There’s no need to get a doctor’s prescription.  You can buy and take any penis enhancement pill brand of your choosing. By using a pure herbal formula, you can spare yourself from the side effects of dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, congestion, and indigestion.

It is generally advised to take 2 to 3 pills a day to guarantee the greatest results. You should drink a good amount of water with the pill since it has to dissolve right away for the body to quickly absorb the ingredients.

After months or even days of consistent intake, you can see improvements in your penis performance and other body functions.  Still it is advised to take a penis enhancement pill for some months, to get the best results.

Those who are more eager and dedicated to seeing results are most likely to get them; so it is recommended to use the pill regularly. Once you’ve reached the results you want, you can stop taking the penis enhancement pill.

You can find many testimonies of penis enhancement pill users, especially those found at the VigRX Plus site.  Some say that they already felt the potency of the enhancer as early as the first day of use.  However the results gradually take place from the first month of use until the third month and beyond.

In the first few months, you will have longer erections and can expect penis enlargement. Your penis will dramatically improve in performance as it becomes firmer and stronger in the following months. Your penis and sexual vigor will get better and better with regular use. Permanent penis changes have also been reported.

If you are looking for penis enlargement  and a sexual enhancer at the same time, there’s good news: penis pills are aphrodisiacs, as well.  Most brands are formulated with aphrodisiac ingredients. Those were used in ancient times and proven to be effective. Catuaba is one of the aphrodisiacs ingredients found in some penis enhancement pills.  It is well known in Brazil as a male stimulant. Catuba usage by men leads to erotic dreams and then, empowered libido.

These days most of the penis enhancers contain safe and natural ingredients. But how effective are these products?  What exactly are the expected results?

Some penis enhancement pill brands are claiming 28% to 30% increase in penis size after some months of use.  While others promising 3 to 4 inches of penis enlargement. But in reality, the changes vary according to men’s ages, health, and system absorption. It is also advised not to get the penis bigger than what women can actually accommodate. We know it can be easy to get carried away, especially when you start seeing the results.

Some penis enhancement pills can cost a lot. Several are offering their products at $60 to $80 for a one-month supply. However, quality should come before price if you want a product that delivers the best optimal outcome. So keep that in mind when you’re thinking about how big you want your penis size.

Penis enhancement pills have made it easier for men to gain the desirable penis size and self-satisfaction. With their increasing presence, many are enjoying a better sex life that is more satisfying and pleasurable.