What Are Impotence Causes & Its Affects On Sexual Health

In recent surveys one of the biggest and most serious sexual performance problems are due to impotence causes.  This problem used to be associated with older men and men that are sick.  However, more and more younger and healthy men in their 30s and 40s are experiencing this serious problem.

Successful sexual performance is one of the most important elements to a man’s confidence.  It is crucial to their psychological well-being. Because of ego, most men want to maintain the best appearances at all costs. They do not want to admit this problem.  Only a few of those suffering from impotence seek professional help.   This is not good because some of these cases could actually be treated if brought to the attention of a doctor.

Most impotence causes are lifestyle, psychologically, and physically related. Lifestyle related impotence worsens with usage and abuse of certain substances, such as steroids, alcohol, nicotine, heroine, and cocaine. Even obesity and a “couch potato” lifestyle can create impotence. You should exercises regularly and eat a balanced diet.  A fit and well nourished body promotes a good sex life.

Patches and devices can help mild cases of impotence. These products are Semenax Pills, VigRX Pills or ProExtender which are proven penis enhancement products. Men use them successfully to help their sexual dysfunctions.  They help achieve and maintain erections for sex, and build semen production.  This generates a positive reinforcement cycle at the psychological level which brings a change in mindset and leads to a successful treatment.

What are natural ways of increasing the sperm amount?

The healthy sperm depends on the quality and quantity of the sperm production. Low sperm count is not good. The color of healthy sperm is white or grey, with thick consistence. Each ml of semen contains 20 million sperm cells- 75% of them are alive with 30% in those with normal shape and form. 25% have good swimming speed, enough to move and reach the target which is the most important part of the sexual process.  According to this when there are no sperms in the semen it is called: “Azoospermia,” and when the sperm count is normal it is called “Oligospermia.”

You probably want to know how to undo impotence causes, the best ways of increasing sperm count naturally, or what you can do to help with your low sperm production. Well you can find solutions in the natural herbal medicine.

A few methods to increase sperm count are:

1. Take Semenax sperm pills. They are a natural herbal pill that increases sperm naturally. A lot of porno stars take them before sexual performance and achieve attractive scenes in the movie. So this his method works.

2. It is better to have sex more often than to masturbate – this golden rule means that your semen will be less dense if you ejaculate a lot.

3. Smoking, alcohol consumption and others similar indulgence like these, are bad habits, so get rid of them. Even drinking a small quantity of alcohol every day can affect your sperm production.

4. Exersice your penis in order to shoot further.

5. Skip the fat, eat more vegetables, grains and protein.

You should also know the proper times for love making- which is in the morning or in the afternoon. At those times the sperm count levels are the highest and men have better orgasm when they ejaculate more sperm.

If you have a huge amount of ejaculation then your orgasm is prolonged making it a more pleasurable experience.  The long pumping feeling makes the pleasure lasts longer.  Men take natural herbal pills to increase sperm count, to achieve porno style production and ejaculation, and to get the orgasm they have always dreamed of.  Don’t let impotence causes diminish your sex life, get in gear, get healthy and get the better sex life you’ve always desire.

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